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Myron S. 170 days ago
So much NOPE!
They publish that they offer exchanges if item is returned within 15 days. This isn't true at all. In spite of the deliberately specific language used on the website, in fact, they only offer store credit for the amount of the item. In addition they require the customer to pay return shipping which isn't a big deal at all except that it revealed that they pack their shipping costs with handsome 50% mark up to collect profit for themselves (I paid them $12.50 to ship me an item the PO only charged $8 to return to them). To add just a dollop of diarrhea on top of the shit sandwich they serve up, they also only allow one gift card to be applied per order so that they can charge their premium shipping to me on both items increasing the total shipping costs from $13 to $25 which represents nearly a 20% cost increase to acquire the item on account of the false pretenses disclosed for the exchange process combined with the premium shipping costs they collect for each item (not each order). These % increases do NOT include the additional cost to ship it back to them. Do yourself a favor and just purchase directly from the artists these guys pretend to support. CLEARLY profit is the apex priority for them. So much NOPE going on with these guys, I intend to avoid them as I would a flesh rotting bacteria.
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Haha. 😋 As we told you when you contacted us. We do offer store credit for your exchange. That is an exchange except you aren’t forced to get that same item, you can choose whatever you want. You do have to cover shipping costs to make your exchange and our shipping prices are exactly what the post office tells us that they cost for the weight that the items weigh. Certain items such as joggers and zip up hoodies weigh over 1 pound and cannot be shipped first class as other brands much lighter joggers can. Ours are high quality and weigh more and can only be shipped priority, it’s not something we’re forcing our customers into, it’s simply the only shipping method available.