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Brenda K. 7 days ago
Buyers Beware
I purchased those fake teeth or veneers or whatever they're calling them and when I received my purchase I felt robbed and disappointed because what I received was nothing like the teeth that were in the advertisement. They were the Perfect Smile crap that I saw advertised in another ad and to add insult to injury they gave me 2 top teeth instead of a top and a bottom like I specified. I've sent numerous emails trying to contact this so called Surprise Shopping, but still no replies. It saddens me that these people are taking from poor people like myself by taking our money for something that we the purchasers think is going to help the appearance of missing and failing teeth. Shame on these people that prey upon vulnerable, unsuspecting people that are just trying to find a solution to their dental issues. I'd like my $39.99 back, but no one is responding to my emails.
A Very Dissatisfied
Brenda King
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Allen K. 6 days ago
They did the same thing to me im calling my bank and reversing charges
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