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Traci S. 28 days ago
An answer to my prayer
My mother always told me that your word is your bond. My father always said you could tell a good man (person) by their handshake. In addition, they both said that your faith and belief will handle the rest.

I had an astronomical tax problem and didn’t know which way to turn. I said a prayer asking for help and started looking on the web. I scrolled and scrolled but I kept coming back to Mildred Esua, CPA and I called. The phone was answered by a kind man who was patient in helping me go through the website to make my appointment successfully.

Upon arrival for my consultation appointment, I was met by Mr. Esua who greeted me with a strong handshake. He explained that Mrs. Esua (Mildred) was with another client and that they worked together for their clients and he began to really listened to my problem.

He explained to me up front what we needed to do to help me; he explained cost from the gate and the all possible scenarios, no unrealistic promises were made but the one true promise made was, that they were there to work with me and for me.

Mr. Esua was very considerate of my time and concerns. He explained everything in detail, step by step and there were no hidden agendas. I was pleased that he always said “we” versus “you”. There was no pressure. It was suggested that I go home and think about what I wanted to do. When I left the office I had no unanswered questions. I truly felt that I was lead to good hands.

I chose to return. Mr. Esua went over my papers explaining and showing me step by step where exactly was the problem. There was no second guessing. It was alright. I was confident and felt reassured that the next steps were the right steps. Mrs Mildred Esua and Mr. Wilson Esua are a firm handshake and a company true to their word who will see you through to the end.
I thank God for His direction to them.