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Katherine B. 160 days ago
Verified Purchase
You're better off at home depot
My experience with this product and this company has been unsatisfactory. I ordered the E1000 Classic Electronic Keypad Deadbolt. The company shipped the product a week later than promised and in the wrong color (I ordered satin nickel and they sent a dark black-ish brown color). To their credit, they were nice enough when I inquired about the delay, but they did nothing to alert me of the fact that the shipment would be late. As for the wrong color - well there's really no excuse for that. I had to install the black-ish keypad rather than wait for a new lock to be sent because I needed to install a working lock into our rental unit asap, as a matter of security. However, I am very frustrated that I will now need to purchase a new door handle to match.
The product itself was also of poor quality, especially given that it cost $160 for a single unit. Two days after installation, the lock failed and resulted in my tenants being locked out of the house.
Lastly, my review so far hasn't even touched on the fact that the only reason I ordered this lock in the first place is because the first lock I purchased here was defective and would not consistently lock or unlock, creating a safety hazard for my tenants.
Overall, terrible product and lackluster service. I would recommend going to Home Depot or a local hardware store where at least you get what you pay for.