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Stephen G. 16 days ago
Thank you Mabrys!
I was fortunate enough to get two puppies from the Buster and Hope winter '17 litter and I cannot even describe how amazing they are. They were so smart they got house trained and started pawing, to communicate to me, at the door within a week. They knew all the basic commands (sit, down, wait, leave it, etc ...) within the first month I had them and they continue to make my day every day. With Buster being their sire I was hoping for them to be big and they are both a muscular and athletic 40 lbs at 19 weeks. On the flip side with Hope being their dam I was told they might develop into pointers and both have exhibited the behavior so far, only a few times were they caught mid stride with the picturesque one paw raised, but sure enough their noses and tails are straight as an arrow when their interest is really piqued.

I cannot recommend Mabry enough and both of my siblings being so impressed with my boys are looking into getting a lab from Mabry when neither was that interested in labs (we've been a golden family my whole life) before meeting them.