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Charles B. 26 days ago
Problems with Win 10 Pro on ASUS destop PC
his is an update of my earlier review. I spent a lot of time trying to install Win10 Pro on an ASUS CM6340 computer which I got from a friend. I could install the software but I was unable to update it to the current version. The Uniq support was very cooperative, including sending me a different ISO and key. The updating process is very slow; it took more many days to go through all 3 ways of updating from Microsoft, all of which have failed. At the end, I requested the refund which was granted.

The lessons learned from this exercise:

1, Microsoft PC compatibility test is misleading and incomplete! The ASUS CM6340 passed the test but my subsequent research on the web showed that it is compatible only up to Win 10 version 1511, which is no longer supported by Microsoft. This is why the updating attempts have failed. The ASUS has not updated the drivers required for the current Win 10 version to run.
2. UNIQ Software is a solid company which does all (and more) in regards to what is promised on their website. No complaints whatsoever on their service - its was fast and professional. Their experts cannot be expected to recognize and solve hardware issues which Microsoft has not explicitly spelled out. The money was refunded.