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Anonymous 387 days ago
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after doing a consultation to see if they could accommodate my flat feet the said it would not be a problem, after making payment they would not respond to my contacting efforts, after 4 months I finely got them to respond, finely I received my first pair of test shoes that where half the size of my feet, well I am not going to describe the almost 2 years and still do not have shoes I can wear, they kept promising that they will get it correct, and on several occasions told me they are shipping next week obviously they are just blowing me off, and now they wont even respond, if there is any rebuttal from them I have every correspondence we made, don't be buffaloed by their fake promises. they did throw together a pair of shoes that was exactly the opposite of what I need and after all the waiting he said you have flat feet, and that is what we discussed in the beginning, I would except an apology if they take care of the problem, they are not even worth the one star rating, but you are