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Chris 310 days ago
Excellent Product
Ok. First off. I was in the process of ordering and received a call from this company on a Saturday late afternoon saying I didn't enter something correctly. Which I did screw up when ordering. But I didn't think a human would really call to assist you with anything anymore. It's usually the week long email back and forth. Shortly after I was able to complete the order the phone number which the guy had been calling me from went from a real 512 Texas area code phone number to all zeros on my phone how this happened is beyond me I never received a confirmation email so I thought great I just got scammed. I waited a couple days. Tuesday night I called my credit card company saying I just got scammed the guy did say he would express mail it to me which I know for a fact that it would have been here on Tuesday before 3. The next day a package arrives priority not express but priority so I quickly call my credit card company and say the transaction was legit.

The kratom came and I was sure because of the disappearing phone number it was going to be bunk. I was wrong again. Excellent product for the money. I know my kratom. Packaging sucked but it doesn't matter to me. It's what's inside that counts...5 stars on quality and good I thought it couldn't be true...