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Gail E. 148 days ago
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Cheap Powerbook G4 17" Laptop Battery
I brought a replacement battery for my old Mac Powerbook 17" which was at least 3x cheaper than the official one. I am only going to use it a few times per year to access old files and watch the occasional DVD so I am happy with it. The instruction manual CAUTION point 6) reads 'Battery using more than 18 months or more than 300 cycle times. Please remove battery from laptop. There would be risk of explosion or fire to use battery when it was more than life span.' This point somewhat alarmed me so I got onto Battdepot live chat and asked them if I only use it occasionally would it still only have a shelf-life of 18 months. They took a few days to reply and I had to send them a photograph of the 'Instruction Manual' (one side of and A5 sheet of paper - as attached) for them to see what my question was and they reassured me that the 18 month lifespan was based on someone who is using it constantly and charging it 4x per week, but with the small amount I intend to use it the battery will have a much longer life. I note under point 7 I do need to charge it every 3 months and remove the lithium battery if I use an adapter for a long time. I dare say for anyone needing it on a regular basis they should bare all this product information in mind and maybe this caution is 'normal', I don't know. But for £26.99 I am pretty happy with it but I shall avoid having the power cable plugged in all the time.