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Mark C. 143 days ago
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Plata Power Series Proof
This coin is unbelievable in hand so much more to it than the picture shows. I'm so glad I have purchased this series coin. JASON SCOTT you got some talent coming up with this coin I can't stop looking at it. It's just like a really good film with the more you watch that film the more you see something different each time. Nice one Jason it's a pleasure buying from you. Can't wait to see the following series coins. Thank you very much.
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Thank you mark, and its been my pleasure in meeting you via email and coresponding with you, you will not be disappointed with my next in plata power series or my #1 in new series release comming 2018 “ Decentralized Silver Series” JOLLY CRYPTO” and each coin will have $10.00 USD ( LTC) Crypto Currency price attached too give this coin double value with the silver spot value , I’m so happy you love “Silver Skull” as it’s my 1st but certainly won’t be my last nor best I intend on bringing too the silver Stacking and crypto community as I believe this new inovative idea to tie the crypto price too the silver price will become the new standard using the blockchain to decentralize Silver from the suppressed and manipulated silver spot paper price! Thanks mark, jason Scott
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Jason S. Site Owner 140 days ago
Hey mark and Bryce, below I will leave my newest inovative series “ Decentralized Silver Series” and #1 in series “ JOLLY CRYPTO” For full details and discription please hit link below! Thanks guys! This coin will be the new standard in silver bullion by marrying the price of crypto currency ( LTC) too the silver spot price so even if the manipulation and suppression does not stop anytime soon and I believe it will be the blockchain that finely puts a nail in the banksters coffins but anyway this design is insane and the meaning behind it have every detail crypto related and I believe it’s going too be the new standard in selling silver micro mining coins where it’s decentralized peer to peer having the crypto price attached giving it double value and in unmanipulated silver price that will exceed the manipulated silver spot price being supressed by the banksters JP Manipulations & Disgrace
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Jason S. Site Owner 140 days ago
Go too my website ( and scroll too middle of main page and you can see the full prototypes of the coin design, custom display boxes and matching (COAs) I worked very hard this past year hoping too have a 2018 release and I’m still offering mintage matching on the 1st 100 of each finish ( proofs) and (antique) for “ Silver Skull” coin! With 10% discount code apon Pre-sales when they start a month before release! Thanks guys again! Jason
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Bryce S. 140 days ago
Yes I agree totally Mark! I can’t stp looking at it either!
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