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April W. 29 days ago
Awful shame
For 4 years since i moved to MN I've been coming to flowerama and always except for today, they have taken EXCELLENT care of us! But today i went in for the exact same thing i get every time which is a dozen a roses out of the cooler I buy a vase and a balloon and they always have no problem putting it in a vase and adding water to it and blowing up the balloon but for some reason today this woman named Mary wanted to charge me 4999 to put them in a vase with some water and treated me like I was some poor low-life person and I am extremely offended you don't even understand! And while I was standing there another woman came in and ask for some baby's breath and Greenery and the woman was totally fine and acted like she was a respectable person and treated her with the utmost kindness but treated me so horribly unacceptable I'll never step up another foot in Flowerama again! I really a shame that ppl still treat ppl this way! I had several hundreds in my wallet but I'm not going to give her a cent to arrange anything for me!