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Randyy S. 173 days ago
Finally a vendor who doesn't charge 12-14$ a strip
Best and only vendor in USA who has some of Shy Molecules awesome 1.2 mg pellets, bulk discount, blister packs at a cheap rate, the ONLY other website selling genuine blister packs is Etizolam providers of Texas for 12-14$ per strip, no bulk discount etc. If you want Etizolam blister packs straight from the pharmacy in India to your mailbox in 2-3 days, buy from these guys. I ordered the 50 for 35 five blisters, and a bottle of the thought to be forever gone Tinzor 1.2mg pellets (ShyMolecule closed long time ago. His 1.2mg Flubromazolam pellets were bomb anyways my order arrived in two days I paid on Wednesday got it in mail Friday(Expected delivery date was Saturday) I am soooooo glad to find a reliable vendor finally, pressed pills you never know what's in them if they have 0.4/0.7 or. 1.00mg
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Keith N. Site Owner 173 days ago
Glad you had a great experience doing business with us Sir. Please come back again!
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Randyy S. Reviewer 173 days ago
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