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Er Z. 141 days ago
Verified Purchase
So confused and disappointed
We originally ordered from a site called glutco, ordered 4 canes, 2 sets of 2, one of each set was the Invacare cane I’d been searching for, the other a standard crook basic cane, I have had a million of, only ever received the the 2 cheap canes, like I said, super sad overpaid for the sets they roomed me $70 something dollars, then never let me know they were being shipped from you guys, we can’t get ahold of either customer service. I didn’t WANT the cheap canes, which is why I ordered from there they even told me they had the scarce Invacare Grip cane, so I was super willing to pay for 2 and have 2 of the$11 canes. Alas I again can’t get ahold of anyone and I literally spent above and beyond what I could afford for the special grip canes:(. I can’t get a refund, I’m in my3 30’s it’s sad to say I have a favorite cane but I do and now I can’t afford them from anywhere else because they are denying me help and insisting that maybe a friend neighbor or family member would have them, why on earth would that be?! Shouldn’t they all have come together? I’m so disappointed, now I’m stuck with no winter walking canes. I don’t know if they ordered them even from you but I have no idea why something like this would happen. I have asked for a refund from them. Gotten no where. Again, I’m not faulting you guys but you should know. I want my money back, if I wanted the cheapo canes I would have gotten them up the road or had my PT order them. I’m not new to this unfortunately.

I’m not sure if you can help. If you can I would more than gladly pay for them. I do not want the ones they sent. I really really need the special Invacare triangle grip non crook

Thanks Erica

I attached the order I placed with them, like I said the 2 crook foam canes came NEVER the others which I wanted