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Gary J. 41 days ago
Highly Recommended!
My son purchase a used laptop Win 8.1 for my grandson and asked me to clean it up. After running Windows update windows would not activate. This is a common occurrence when the original key is pirated. Before I trashed the machine I decided to query the internet to see if I can find a fresh copy of Win 8.1 at a reasonable price. after a few minutes I stumbled across uniq.software, and checked them out. I was skeptical as I am a programmer and have seen to good to be true solutions many times. After checking out the reviews I decided to try purchasing the software from Uniq. Purchasing was quick, windows key and download was available within 2 minutes. Initial installation was successful. Still being skeptical about updating the software I messaged Uniq to make sure an update would not deactivate windows. They responded within minutes and stated this would not be a problem, and for me to contact them if there any issues. For me that was impressive. I updated windows using windows update (1.3gb) and everything worked perfectly. I plan on purchasing other software for immediate and future needs.