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Andrew A. 22 days ago
Verified Purchase
It works
The kit does as advertised. It displays E content.
The app is fast and updates quickly.
Fuel-IT has provided awesome service, answered all my questions plus some.
Quality is good and no shortcuts were taken.

Cons - me nitpicking.
-The BT dongle plugs into the sensor, so now you have the sensor and a 4" dongle on top of your intake manifold. If the dongle was on the other end of the harness you would be able to hide it.
-If I want to go multi-port injection I will have to custom make fuel lines to move the sensor to make room.
-Along with the wire harness is too short for how I wanted to wire the kit, was not able to completely hide the harness.
Response from fuel-it.com
Thank you for the feedback. Unfortunately we don't make the app, consequently the developer sets the price for that. It clearly states when you purchase your kit, you will need to purchase the app if you wish to utilize the bluetooth option. For your harness, we make it a two piece so you can add a longer harness if you wish or the need comes up. You can contact us at that time, same goes for the fuel lines, it's no problem to extend those.

Edited: We reached out to this customer to better understand their needs and get additional feedback. We appreciate their willingness to give us their input and encourage other customers to also reach out to us with feedback and suggestions so we can better understand your individual needs and improve our products based on those needs. Thanks again to Andrew for taking the initiative and doing so!