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Goodness N. 14 days ago
You Get What You Pay For
I was confused at first because the review I received started out: “For English not being your first language, you are skilled at writing it.” This opening line left me scratching my head because 1) English is the only language that I speak fluently. 2) I never discussed which language I speak or don’t speak when I wrote asking for a beta reader. I was left wondering if I was sent the wrong review, but then again, the review was very generic that it could have been easily meant for anyone.

Maybe I should have expected that since it was a free service rather than a paid one, but I simply wish it would have been made clear ahead of time that free reviews are very general and vague without actually offering in-depth critique and feedback.

You get what you pay for is all I can say. Writers that pay for the service probably will have better results.
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Sorry for the mix-up I will be going back to fix my error!