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Sarah P. 8 days ago
3-day shipping... Whenever they decide to ship it!
We have ordered from this place many times with no problems. Until recently. The first incident was when we ordered on Feb. 24th, got the shipping confirmation that day and then waited. And waited. 4 days of it in "pre-shipment" I sent an email. I didn't get a reply but the next day it was shipped. I sent another email with no reply again. It ended up taking 9days for a 3day shipping. We ordered again figuring maybe it was a fluke. It wasn't. Our order has been sitting in pre-shipping for 6 days now, and again it was supposed to be a 3 day shipping! The kicker was getting an email asking to review products that were still in pre-shipment! Are you serious?! And how do you not respond to complaints and questions about orders?! Extremely bad business etiquette. I sent an email saying either refund me or send my product, we'll see what happens. Maybe it will miraculously ship now like the last time.