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Arlene F. 170 days ago
The Relativity of Time Physics
Upon immersing myself in this einstein website, I came to more greatly appreciate my surroundings beyond anything I previously imagined. For example, global positioning or GPS is entirely based on Einstein’s understanding for the relativity of time given a clock’s position in earth’s gravity field. So, therefore, a physical clock moves slower the closer it is to the earth and faster the further it is away for example at a higher elevation such as a satellite or the International Space Station. Without getting into too much detail, the difference between these two clock rates of progression gives a time signal from the overhead GPS satellite along an imaginary hypotenuse which together with a determination of the height of the clock-satellite and other angles from it to the ground, will hence produce the distance along the ground that my or your car has traveled to a given destination. Same for airlines and submarines. Thank you Albert Einstein! And thank you for this marvelous website!