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Anonymous 165 days ago
Blatant Fraudulent sales are quite illegal Here!
It was a solid 4 star until I purchased a product based on its description and list of features. I received a completely different product that had none of the features that I specifically paid for. It was Fraudulent junk and I explained that fact, in full documentation along with many pictures to Cust Service. I received a reply back from “Camille” “that maybe I didn’t know how to use it”. I had to reply that it I certainly did not know how to use features and electrical power supply types that simply didn’t exist. Also, that I was a professional in the field, =so I definitely would know how to use it. They proceeded to ignore all of Banggood’s standing warranties and guarantees and offer me fractional amounts of my own money back. They only had my money because of blatantly defrauding me and even admitted it. =I was irate and rejected the offer(along with subsequent incremental increased offers and instead demanded that the product I had actually purchased be immediately provided and they could keep their illegally obtained money of mine. It was a matter of principle/Integrity/honor = “Camille” and the salesman responsible for the idiotic product posting, both refused to step up and toe the line of common decency. I explained the concept of Fraud, Integrity, Honor and Customer Service in full detail, due to such concepts apparently being an entirely foreign concept to them. After an extended correspondence that was absolutely not going anywhere = I gave up on their ability to toe the line. I told them to refund the money and that I would respond in other venues to their abysmal business practices. Even then I received an email that they were unsure if I wanted my money refunded or not!?! I told them to read the first sentence again, but if they were seriously that dense, I would break it down to a single sentence= Give me my money back and “you reap what you sow”. I am a disabled individual, struggling to provide for my wife and small children. Their act of Fraud, cost me thousands of dollars to compensate for. I relayed this and was ignored, yet again. I don’t know what my family will do, but it will be done with integrity and honor.
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Tony C. 15 days ago
Like Jefferson, I had nothing but praises for BG making RC so much more affordable.
Once in awhile, the wrong items were shipped but they were all resolved favourably.
Remember that the use of your words "Fraudulent, Defrauding" applies both ways, speaks volumes when you posts as anonymous
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Jefferson 79 days ago
I never had a slight problem with them. Posting as anonymous surely won't help either. Bangood is legit, I have being buying from them for years without the slightest problem. Customer service is fast and accurate.
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Mai M. 113 days ago
What did you buy that was thousands of dollars? You don't say anything about that so other won't make the same mistake!
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Anonymous Reviewer 158 days ago
Quite insightful experience regarding a Banggood consumer
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