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Stewieh V. 25 days ago
Awesome service
I remember I was in search of a cheapish bong for a music festival I was going to. one that I wouldnt mind leaving behind for obvious reasons.. I stumbled upon smoking outlet. I found the very dab rig I was looking for as well. $30 bucks however I knew I was several weeks out from going but I needed it sent elsewhere so I could grab it on the way to the festival sinc I was flying in. I hit up support and blame they say "sure you can order now and we can pack it up and send it on whatever day you want". and sure enough thats exactly what they did. I thanked them and sent them an idea for a item to stock. which later on they did and when i went to my festival they sent my stuff to me exactly when i asked and people all around was telling me they loved my little rig, even the persoN i agreed to give it to, came back and ordered another one cause he loved it so much..

fast forward 7 months later.....
I was in the search of a particular glass company and found out they was a vendor for the and sent them a message via the contact us form and asked if they could get it and included a comment based off a blog post they posted and a couple of days later (due to one day being a holiday) a response and not just a we will look into it answer, but I actual comment telling me they would pass on the request and responded to my comment.
There is no way I would never order from them again. just crossing my fingers hoping for that piece