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Robert J. 122 days ago
Not Recommended.
I ordered a washer from them, they informed me that it was unavailable and recommended another unit which was more expensive. I placed the order for the new unit, and I was double charged for the difference in price. I contacted them and they were very argumentative and not very helpful in trying to resolve the issue. I had to contact the Credit Card company to help.
Not only that, they informed me that the item was shipped, I did not get a proper invoice for the product, let alone a tracking number for same. I made numerous phone calls and was bounced around from person to person, and was eventually given a bogus tracking number, which the trucking company had no knowledge of.
I was given another number which turned out to be for an item which had nothing to do with my order, but for an item which was already delivered to an entirely different party.
The whole process took over three weeks and threw my entire shipping schedule out of whack, which ended up costing me more in the long run.
Up to this present time, I have not heard back from them regarding the double charge on my credit card.
I will definitely NOT use Sam Stores/Worlwide Voltage again, and definitely NOT recommend them for any business.
Find some other outlet and STAY AWAY !!!!
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This is fake review by our competitors
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