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Paul K. 21 days ago
Save your money, their site is a scam
When something is too good to be true, it usually is too good to be true. I ordered three bottles of juice from this site. After a week of waiting, I figured I would contact them to see why I haven't received my order. It turns out that two of the items were back ordered (aka out of stock). On their website this product was labeled as in stock. I asked if they could ship the one they did have in stock, which they responded (after a few more days) that they could. Another week passed and still nothing. I contacted them again, and they ensured me my entire order would be shipped that day. A few more days later, the order was not shipped. At that point I asked for a refund, which they said they would provide. I checked my bank account a few more days after that, and realized they only refunded me for one product, the cheapest product, and also the only one they actually had in stock. I contacted them again, and have not received any response thus far to get them to refund me my money, since they were unable to provide me with any product at all!

This seems like its a fraud. I have read many other reviews that have had the exact same experience. If you are a new customer to them, do not give them a single cent of your money. If you are also waiting for your product, or a refund I think if we all submit fraud claims to our banks and credit card companies, we can ensure that no one has to go through this experience with them ever again.