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Tony B. 435 days ago
Tony Bayliss
I bought this course a couple of months ago. I work in musical theatre and am writing my own musical. My piano skills/musicianship are something I want to make a life mission to get better and better. After trying quite a few online courses I found this course to be the most less daunting to learn classical music and actually makes me want to pick the books up. The course is broken down in such a different way that not only does it inspire you to want to sit at the piano and learn but it actually makes you more inquisitive about learning as opposed to scared of venturing into the classical world. It made me realise that no matter what age you start you can still do it. Because of my work and being in shows I also can't practice the books every day but thats fine as the course is designed for that too. Its so cleverly written that you can jump in and out and FINALLY enjoy the classical world and realise music is music. The videos are great to! I'm excited for my progress. 5*