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Nora E. 10 days ago
Worst shipping experience ever
Don't deal with this company, I sent them 4 packages to consolidate and ship it together to cost me less, they are all small items and guess what ?
The overall cost for the 4 items together is much more than if I ship each item solely through shop and ship.
And that's not the only most bad thing that happened to me, they ship through Aramex and if you had any problem through customs you will be completely lost.
I ended up with no shipment delivered to me and I paid the shipping fees and I also paid 500 EGP to change one litter mistake in my name, which I didn't have to pay it when I did the same mistake with DHL.
And I didn't get my shipment at the end, and not to mention that they hardly reply to your issues. The customer service is always unavailable.
That was the worst shipping experience ever.
Here's the last email I sent to them ...

I paid the needed money to change my name two weeks ago, and I still didn't receive my shipment, it has been at customs for one month or more, this will cost me too much customs fees and the customs may remove my shipment to the destroy cage, so I am not happy at all with your shipping service and I don't care if this delay is your responsibility or Aramex responsibility, as when I directly deal with Aramex they finish the shipments within weak. I also got another shipment through DHL with the same name mistake and I have no problem with it at all, I didn't have to pay a cent to change the name.
So what did I got from you ?
I paid you the shipping fees, then I paid another 500 EGP to change one litter, then I lost my shipment and didn't get it at all .
I will never ever deal with you again.

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