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Philip W. 10 days ago
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Realy bad experience. Said my credit card would not work, my bank said they had not even tried. Fell for the online bank transfer, paid £2395, two days later they claimed not to have recieved it..took another half a day of phone calls to my bank and them before they addmitted they had the money . Said they would deliver 4 days later....No TV turned up..Phoned them three times on the day and was assured the TV would be delivered , NO TV, Had an email to say cancelled my order and have refunded my money. BUT HAVE NOT HAD MONEY BACK YET. Will keep you all informed. Hope Drake Displays is having some issues and is a genuine company. BE WARNED.
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Jackie B. 8 days ago
Hello Philip, afraid I've done the silly thing too, reported it to www.actionfraud.police.uk Hoping someone can help us. Lots of dosh can't afford to just throw away. Good luck mate, hope we both get it back. Explain all to your bank and fingers crossed. Take care.
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Ben K. 8 days ago
have you had your refund yet?
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Philip W. Reviewer 8 days ago
Hi Ben, site is a scam... check Savi AV. Com forum on google... this was the name they used before Drakedisplys
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Ben K. 8 days ago
What steps can we take then Phil? Will our banks help us or not?
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Philip W. Reviewer 7 days ago
Hi Ben, report it to to your bank,,,if like me they have your card details then get the card blocked so they cant use it in the future, Like Jackie B said...inform www.actionfraud.police.uk...thats all we can do for now..it was a very clever scam..Hope the Police get these people ... Good luck.
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Steven H. 7 days ago
Hi - did you receive a refund in the end?
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