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Cam M. 124 days ago
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Cystic acne life saver
Amazing mask, and amazing customer service. I struggle with usually 1-2 giant (quarter to golfball-sized), long lasting, painful, cysts per month and nothing I have ever used reduces the swelling and life cycle of a giant cyst quite like their mask.

If you apply a THIN mask ~10-20 mins daily, the size of the cysts that come from hormonal issues are much smaller and leave a lot faster. I was using the mask daily and felt a small pea-sized hormonal cyst coming on, and it never grew past the size of a pea and was gone the next day or two. If you have a lot of bad skin activity, they recommend doing this thin mask up to 3x daily until the problem is more manageable, then you can reduce frequency of use.

For large cysts, you can apply a thicker patch overnight for a reduction in inflammation and pain associated with the cyst and it will help it end sooner.

Additionally, I emailed them asking about which sunscreen/makeup face products I should use or avoid, and its where I found out that the makeup I was using was on their "do not use" list. They gave me an extensive list of 'do use' items and 'do not use' items. At that time, I had cystic acne all over my face. I am forever grateful for that list as it has lead me in the right direction for which products I use on my face. And they gave me a list of recommended products which have worked very well on my skin.