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HJ P. 28 days ago
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This should have been stock.
I bought just the center one back in March and waited a bit to see what I thought before reviewing it. I may have gotten a bit lucky with mine, but I was surprised it was easy to put in from the start without taking the dash apart. I had cut the netting out over a year prior, so it was ready to go when it arrived in the mail.

Obviously I haven't been using that space, so having this pocket now was interesting. It's snug enough to hold tight if something is on the verge of being too big, best example is my tin of Altoids, which new has a new home there. They fit perfectly at the top of the pocket, and don't slide down into the bottom where they'd be out of reach. You could easily fit two tins in there as well and have one stashing coins, keys, notes, etc. The space is good for holding a bag of travel tissues too, as well as a USB drive, or extra charging cables.

Don't drop loose coins in it, you'll find they rattle, fall out randomly, and are darn near impossible to dig out leaving you to take the pocket off again. Don't let your kids stick ketchup packets or army men in it either, the army men can get stuck and if you're lucky they won't poke holes in the ketchup packets in there already.. again, taking the pocket off isn't horrible but..

All in all, it's a much improved pocket over the awful mesh thing Jeep put in there. I swear someone at FCA has a personal investment in the factory making this mesh because the new JL has even bigger mesh pockets in the door! Looks like Slickrock Gear will be around for years to come though to fix these issues.
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