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Faye N. 141 days ago
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Disappointed -I ordered your product for acne. I have been applying it religiously for about 2 weeks. Currently I still have the breakouts. Not sure if your product is working. I will give it a few more weeks to be fair. But so far not change.
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No need to be too discouraged, two weeks is not long if you do have severe acne. Two weeks is less than one pimple cycle. Your goal is to minimize the next pimple cycle by absorbing the clogs in your pores now that will cause backups and more pimples in 2-4 weeks depending on your severity. If you are using two masks per day, and moisturizing afterward with our aloe moisturizer, then spot treating brand new pimples even while you sleep and not skip any days. Your next pimple cycle should be cut by 30-70% because the clogs that would have made more pimples, you removed in the last few weeks, as long as you didn't skip any days. Again depending on severity, diet and how many daily applications. Most of our before and after images of severe acne took a few months and most called in to get counseling every few weeks, you have a 50%-75% better chance of getting clear if you call our free helpline at 866-551-5505 and talk to our skin care professionals. Thank you The Gunilla Team