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Steven C. 139 days ago
Great Company and Great Products!
I’m not sure where to start. I do not think I’ve ever had a company or representative (Carol Trimmer) do such an superlative job to correct an issue with a particular product (in this case, a visible ‘ding’ that was in a Propur filtered water canister we ordered)—by the way, this ‘ding’ had no affect on the usability of this product).

Carol immediately responded to my “heads up” email as to what I had found once I opened a very well-packed, undamaged shipping box.
She wanted to make good on this by sending an undamaged Propur canister; I was slow to respond after returning from out of country and an ensuing heavy work load. When I did respond back to her, confirming that I would appreciate an unblemished new canister, she immediately sent out a priority, 1-day package which provided me not only a pristine bottom canister (of the Propur water filter dispenser) but the top canister and lid as well!

Carol from the beginning wanted to make things right by her customer. Never once did I feel awkward; she responded quickly to me and provided a solution that I never even had to ask for—she wanted to make things right from the beginning for me. I don’t know who to thank more, a company that practices and understands that the consumer’s happiness is the priority or a company that hires such quality people! Carol herself has a rare type of integrity; she displayed this to me throughout this process. You have a new and very happy customer!

I will be definitely be coming back to PureLivingSpace for quality products for my family; thanks Carol and thanks PurLivingSpace!