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Javier J. 261 days ago
No Customer Service
Ordered an item but could not choose what color it would be and did not get any ETA on delivery - I have tried contacting their support through email, facebook and other means but have not received any response - terrible terrible TERRIBLE after-sales support... I am 24 hours away from canceling my order if i do not get a response...
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Jackie D. 145 days ago
DO NOT ORDER from these people. They cannot be trusted. I ordered an item in May and realized in August that I never received it (They're in China... they have no way to track shipping). I contacted them when I couldn't find the item on their site and said that if they couldn't send me the item, I needed a refund... and I needed them to apply it to a different card because I no longer had the account I charged it to. Instead of admitting they no longer had the item, they told me it had shipped "today!" and I would receive it in 14 days. When 14 days passed, I contacted them and was told it could take 14-25 BUSINESS days. So I contacted them on day 26, at which time they said it could be 35 days. So I told them they'd already told me 14-25 days, and that if I didn't receive it by Day 36, I would demand a refund. SO THEN they IMMEDIATELY said it never shipped, and I wouldn't get it by that day, and they would be refunding my money (even tho I no longer have the acct it was charge to!)
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