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Bhavani S. 157 days ago
Outstanding customer service
I called Vikud about some golu dolls I had seen on their website, that i wanted my husband to pick up. My husband couid only carry two dolls back due to limited space but I wanted at least one more. The Vikud employee honestly told me that a third doll would get damaged and so it was probably better that he only take two! I was very impressed with this honest advice as most others would have tried to maximize their sales and not think of the customer's convenience or the dolls' condition. The dolls I received were in excellent condition and I'm very happy with them.
Since then, I've ordered more dolls from Vikud, including dolls from other online retailers, which they've kindly picked up for me, as I'm an out-of-town customer. I'm also planning to buy some home decor items and gift articles from them that i really like.
In all I'm extremely happy with their outstanding customer service. I've been recommending them to all who want to buy golu dolls. I'll write another review, with attached photos, after i pick up the other dolls I've bought from them.
Keep it up, Vikud!