AR-15 Upper Receiver Vise Block for .308 .223 5.56
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Samuel O. 20 days ago
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Buy once-cry once
I purchased the upper receiver block and was quite disappointed when it showed up. At first glance it seems like any other vise block, nothing special, but feels sturdy and solid, which is a plus considering the low price. That is all that this block has going for it. It would not fit any of my 4 upper receivers. It was like trying to squeeze on a pair of boots that are clearly the wrong size. I was able to remedy my issue by trimming a considerable amount of material off of the insides of the block, in conjunction to using a dremel on the slots that were way off. To achieve a nice tight fit I heated up the insides of the block and pressed them around a stripped receiver. It took about 4 times of doing this to finally get it to fit just perfect. Do not waste your money on this product. Just buy the Magpul block and be done with it.

While the merchandise was beyond shoddy, the shipping time was excellent.
I cannot speak on customer service because when I reached out to the company for a refund I was afforded no response.
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We are sorry this customer had a stressful experience. We are also disappointed we did not have an opportunity to discuss the engineering of this item and verifying correct use with the customer. We respond to all questions and concerns via email at

Mallard Armory stands behind our products. Our customers have a lot of success with the upper vise block. It is designed to put pressure on the correct sections of the upper receiver, without damaging the receiver including the dust cover. For the safety of the end user and the firearm, we do not recommend altering this item.