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Valerie G. 31 days ago
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Worth the wait!!!!
I absolutely LOVE all products I've used!!!!!
Totally obsessed with the Body-Conscious Shea Butter and the Lavender Turmeric Soap. These have become staples in my body care regiment. No matter what body scrubs & heavy lotions/creams I would try, I would always have flaky skin. (Seriously looked like skin dandruff) Using your products is the ONLY THING that has seemed to make that go away!

The lip balm is great!!! I find whatever slim object I can dig into the bottom to get all of it out, LBVS

The Rose Face Cream has kept my facial eczema away during this rough winter. I look forward to adding the Serum to my regiment to see how it works over the summer.

Trying a few new products; the Yoni lightner, the Combo Deordant, Bentonite Clay Mask and Walnut Face Scrub.

Please don't ever mass-produced, I'm sure like others I don't mind waiting for the products because they're just that good!!! My skin and I THANK YOU!!!!