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Rafael B. 145 days ago
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I’d look elsewhere.
I’ve only had the radio for about a month now, but we’ll start with the fitment. Did not properly fit my 2016 F-150. I had to use some zip ties to hold it in place. The radio itself keeps cutting out. It’ll play for about a minute or two, than cut off for 5-10 seconds. Nothing major, but extremely annoying. Considering how much I paid for the radio. The bluetooth connection is hit-or-miss. It’ll connect/pair my device when it feels like doing so. Not to mention when it does actually connect, it will not play my music on my phone. It shows the title of the song, but I cannot adjust the volume. Lastly, I paid the extra $50 to get the radio expedited and it still took 3-4 weeks to receive my radio. I emailed the company over-&-over again about a refund, but they all of a sudden stop receiving my messages. Go figure! I would not recommend this unit to anyone. Speaking on my own experience. Unless I received a faulty radio. Hindsight, I would purchase this radio again.
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WEI X. Site Owner 144 days ago
Sorry to hear that you have issues. According to our records. The item was delivered 15 days after purchase. There are delays due to holiday season, sorry about that, but we stated in faq that express shipping only speed up transit time usually not processing time. As to the fitment comment, it should be installation issue. No other buyer mentioned the issue. Did you transfer over OEM clips? We just released updates. You can update to fix software bugs:
Unless you used different email or channels to contact us, the last email from your provided email address was on Dec. 19, 2017, and there was no mentioning of refund. Sorry if we missed your other communications.
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