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James S. 38 days ago
Verified Purchase
Fulfilled all my expectations and more.
Curiosity eventually took me and I had to see what these would do for myself. I have been lifting seriously for 8 years and eventually tried them to see what they would to do to my lifts.
I took them as stated on the bottle. I tablet twice a day.
They exceeded my expectations all of my lifts noticeably went up after the second week. Example I was benching 100kg for 5 before hand now I can rep that for 12 reps of 4 sets. My bench went up to 120kg for 5 reps, I easily felt that 130kg was achievable.
All my other lifts had similar increases, dead lift I was repping 200kg , a weight I was struggling with before hand.
Noticeable weight gain, I went from 95kg to 99kg over the course of the cycle, with gains of muscle all across my upper body and thighs.
Side effects were almost non existent. The only clear side effects was dehydration probable due to your liver being in overdrive, I wouldn't recommend drinking any alcohol whilst taking these.
I am one week into my PCT and have not lost any weight or strength gains.
I would recommend these to any experienced lifter who has ever been curious to what pro hormones could do for you.
Lastly delivery and everything concerning the site and service was fine.