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Mark T. 24 days ago
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Lots of promise
The Tesla-style Android radio replacement has Incredible potential. I was very sorry to find that it was only partly-compatible with my standard 2009 Lexus ES350. Unfortunately, when the new radio was installed it disabled my airbags and emergency flashers. Radio reception was awful. Air conditioning temp could not be controlled and there were only 3 fan speeds available.


1. Don't market it unconditionally for all of the 2006-2012 Lexus ES350 cars out there. I popped the radios out of two friend's cars (they were very brave) and found that this radio would not work in either of their 2010 ES350s. It might work in someone else's Lexus but not in my very standard Yokohama-manufactured car.

2. Don't claim that it's plug-and-play. It isn't. Way too many loose parts come with it and there's no explanation as to plug function or where the parts connect. Still don't know what the two coax antennas were for.

3. Create an online PDF for each radio explaining what each piece is and where it goes with instructions about what has to be done to install it BY YEAR AND MODEL. I had to parse through multiple YouTube videos and then, on my own, find out that the mounting rails on the old radio had to be removed and placed on the new radio,

4. If you don;t know the answer to a question, at least return the email saying that you don't know. Unanswered emails are frustrating.