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Joe H. 145 days ago
great concept, quick turnaround
First, I want to say that I totally love the concept of earning free kitties and I hope that this is sustainable. Considering that from what I understand everything is a manual process, I was impressed by the turnaround time between ordering a kitty and it being sent (as well as the turnaround time on being awarded points when I sent a kitty to the "sink"). I was a little concerned when the first transaction showed a possible error on etherscan but sure enough I had received my kitty (and all of the ones I have ordered since).

My biggest gripe (and this is more of an annoyance and hardly worth deducting stars for) is that kitties that have already been purchased still show up in the listing as available unless you try to add them to your basket or click through to the individual "product" page (where it shows 0 in stock).
Response from
Thanks so much for your kind words, and for using our site!

We totally understand about the stock issue in the shop - this is a small bug that occurred during the redesign, but we're working on a fix now (which should be in place in the next couple of days!) Thanks again, and we hope you're enjoying the Kitty! :-)