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Anonymous 457 days ago
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Never Again
I do not recommend this company at all. I made an appointment to get my phone fixed, and was told it would be done the next day. Turns out it took three weeks to get it back. I constantly had to email them to figure out what was going on and why it was taking so long. They kept telling me they would keep me posted and never did,. I even went to the store a few times during their store hours and rang the bell, no one ever answered or came down to talk to me. In the end, they came to my work to drop it off for me, and didn't even give the phone to me. They left it with a bran new host at our restaurant, and told her that they were not able to fix it, and to please give it to our customer (me). After waiting for three weeks, they couldn't even give me three minuets of their time to hand it back to me personally (which i was there) and to tell me what they think might be wrong, and that they weren't able to fix it in the end. Do not use this company.