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Fred B. 197 days ago
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Great price, good quality, XXL size!
The band is marked "genuine leather" but not marked fossil. It's thick with an alligator pattern embossed on it and seems generally well made. It looks like a $30 fossil band with some minor differences. First, the band seems very long - over 10 1/2 inches. I have to use the smallest setting in order to make it fit. This means I have more than 2 1/2 inches of extra strap to wrap around my wrist. The excess strap is secured by two thin loops which look fragile compared to the rest of the band, rather than one thick loop. Fossil ships replacement spring pins with new bands: Batt Depot did not. I had to drive around to a couple of shops to find 24 mm spring pins since the original ones needed to be replaced. But saving $20 on the purchase of what seems to be a well-made and durable leather band makes it worth the extra effort.