Human Assessment

Find vulnerabilities that automated scanners can't.

With the Human Assessment service, TrustedSite’s experienced pentesters will manually assess your application or network service every three months. Schedule a call to talk to our team and learn more.

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What is Human Assessment?

Automated security scanning is an essential tool in attack surface management, but some types of issues simply can't be found by automation alone.

With Human Assessment, you can simply select a target and our experienced team of penetration testers will audit the application once each quarter to check for issues beyond what the scans can find.

  • User authentication

    We'll test the login and authentication processes for logic flaws and best practices.

  • Signup flows

    We'll look to ensure that signup requirements and checkout flows are appropriate to business needs.

  • Forgotten password forms

    Password resets are a common location for logic errors. We'll put yours to the test.

  • Session management

    We'll verify that session management is securely implemented.

  • Access controls

    We'll test all user profiles to ensure that access is limited appropriately.

  • And more...

    We'll test for other common issues across your applications or network services, like checkout flows and file uploads.

How it works

We’re focused on making the process as simple for you as possible, while ensuring your targets are consistently audited by trained professionals.

  1. Assess

    Your dedicated pentester will kick off their testing once credentials are provided. Issues will be added into your dashboard and can easily be integrated into your existing workflow and tools.

  2. Results

    When your quarterly assessment is complete, you'll be able to view a results summary highlighting what was tested in your dashboard. Once you've fixed the identified issues, we'll retest to validate at no extra cost.

  3. Repeat

    Every three months we’ll kick off a new test. We'll also look at additional areas or review new changes. Findings will feed right into your dashboard.

TrustedSite works hard to ensure they are doing everything they can to provide me with everything I need to have my site compliant and secure. Everyone I have worked with is friendly and knowledgeable."

Kara Stroder, Alpine Shop

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TrustedSite was founded by veterans of industry leaders like Intel and McAfee who set out on a mission to help organizations understand and reduce digital risk. In 2002, they created one of the world’s first commercial website and web application vulnerability scanners. TrustedSite now offers a complete line of products and services that help organizations protect the attack surface and build trust online.

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