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Use your DNA to live healthier, happier and longer. is the world's largest DNA App Store for apps that analyze your genetic data and provide clear solutions for better health. is compatible with genetic data from any genetic test including (AncestryDNA), 23andMe, MyHeritage, Genes for Good, FamilyTreeDNA (FTDNA), Dante Labs, Nebula Genomics, Helix, 24Genetics, Veritas Genetics, Human Longevity Inc (HLI), tellmeGen, Diagnomics, Illumina, Affymetrix, DNA microarrays, exome sequencing and whole genome sequencing (WGS). also provides free, confidential storage of all genetic data that's both HIPAA-compliant and GDPR-compliant.


A plataforma mais completa, pratica e acessivel para criar o seu contrato personalizado. Do seu jeito para o seu bolso!

Software para control de procesos judiciales en la nube. Alarmas, vencimientos de trminos y expedientes electrnicos.

Panel Digital

La mejor tienda de software digital, contamos con multiples ofertas y cupones de descuentos. No esperes más. ¡Visítanos!

WP Descargas

En WP Descargas puedes descargar plantillas y plugins premium para WordPress y WooCommerce con un descuento de hasta el 90%

Motion Media is more than a reseller, we're your best resource!

"Serving Los Angeles & the US for over 20 Years!" - Motion Media, LLC is a dealer of 3D animation, visual fx, graphics, and creative finishing, software and hardware solutions. Contact one of our experts today.

Studica Canada

Studica Robotics is a leading developer of robotics, AI, IoT, and automation technology for education and industry.

Corel Training, eBooks, Software and More

Learning resources for photography, video editing, graphic design and digital painting. Discovery Center Learning Store has all you need to get started!


Solvusoft Corporation, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, is a leading producer of award-winning utility and PC optimization software. It is a US-based software company serving millions of customers in 150+ countries worldwide. Solvusoft maintains a global presence in Las Vegas (HQ), Chicago, Belgrade, Doha, and La Paz. As customer-centric company, Solvusoft is constantly listening to the needs of customers and their feedback. This results in a drive and ability to continually improve their products and provide the best quality consumer software on the market.


SMS-iT™ is a simple, intuitive, and powerful 2-way omnichannel messaging platform built for businesses, IoT, Metaverse, Blockchain, and powered by Artificial Intelligence & Automation, with a database of 1billion+ segmented mobile #'s of potential customers to reach using your marketing campaigns. SMS-iT™ allows you to intelligently search mobile records, target potential customers, send messages, create subscribers, create groups, share media, and more with A.I. & Automation.

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