Collect more five star reviews.

TrustedSite gives you the tools you need to collect your best reviews.

Collect reviews automatically.
Every time someone buys from your site, they'll get an email requesting they leave a review.

Customize your review collection.
Add your logo to the reviews request email, set how many days after purchase it will go out, and even send it to customers who bought before you started using TrustedSite.

Get more great reviews with rewards
Encourage your customers to leave reviews by offering them gift cards to iTunes, Starbucks and more.
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More reviews for sites of any size.

Our free plan lets you send as many review requests as you want. Yes, we said free.

Collect More Reviews

Between the on-site button, the review request email, and our Chrome extension, you'll be able to gather all the reviews you needs.

Easy Integration

TrustedSite has partnered with some of the biggest platforms in the world, including Shopify and Wordpress, so you can get set up without touching a line of code.

Offer Rewards for Reviews

Incentivize your customers to leave great reviews with gift certificates to popular retailers like iTunes, Amazon, and Walmart.

Invite Past Customers

You don't need to wait for new purchases to start collecting reviews—you can request reviews from previous customers simply by uploading their email addresses.

Get Instant Alerts

You can get notified every time a customer leaves a review, letting you quickly read it, and share it across your social channels.

Product Reviews

If you want to help your products stand out, you can easily ask that customers review the item they purchased in the reviews request email.


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