Breach Protect

Be prepared in case the worst happens.

Data breaches, and their ensuing costs, are on the rise. Breach Protect can help businesses prevent a breach and has you covered with a $100,000 insurance policy in case the worst happens.

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Monitor your security and certificates.

Breach Protect can automatically monitor the security of your website to help you quickly detect malware and phishing.

And with powerful SSL monitoring, you can make sure your certificates stay up to date.

Protect your business from the financial and logistical fallout of a data breach.

Almost 60% of small businesses close within 6 months of an attack¹. And with 60% of all online attacks targeting small or medium-sized business², you need to have your guard up.

While not all breaches can be prevented, the damage they cause can be—that's what Breach Protect is for. It guards you against the worst effects of a data breach, ensuring that your business can continue to thrive no matter what is thrown your way.

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How does the site monitoring work?

Every week we check to see if your sites are on blacklists that indicate potential compromises.

How does the SSL certificate monitoring work?

Breach Protect tracks the validity, expiration, issuer, and details of the certificates across your sites to help prevent your sites from being blocked by browsers.

Who qualifies for breach insurance?

Breach Protect is available for Level 2-4 merchants based in the United States, regardless of the merchant's PCI compliance status, provided the merchant account has not already suffered a data compromise.

Subject to its terms, conditions and exclusions, this Policy applies to a data security event occurring, and security event expenses and post event expenses incurred, anywhere in the world.

How does the breach insurance policy work?

It's simple. In the event of the breach, you'll file a claim and be put in contact with breach experts who will help you assess the damage and determine the next steps.

Depending on your situation, that may include conducting a forensic exam, notifying customers, replacing compromised cards, upgrading hardware and software, and paying out any necessary fines or compensation.

How much does it cost?

Breach Protect costs $29 per month and lets you monitor up to 100 sites. Get started with TrustedSite Certification today.

I have more questions about the insurance.

Insurance is provided by North American Data Security Risk Purchasing Group and you can find additional frequently asked questions on their site.

¹ Source: Forbes
² Source: United States Securities and Exchange Commission

* Available to merchants based in the United States. Insurance provided by North American Data Security Risk Purchasing Group. Breach Protect is provided by TrustedSite. TrustedSite has the sole role of facilitating access to the Program by providing MID reporting and payment services for customers in connection with provision of this and other services. See Sample Policy